Last updates

Portal Users Can Follow Tasks

New 2 weeks ago

The task following feature has been added to the Client Portal. In this way, your portal users can see which portal users follow the shared tasks. They can follow the tasks and stop following them. Followers are notified by mail for task-related activities.

Mobile Application Update

New 1 month ago


  • Live update feature has been added to the mobile application. With this feature, you will be able to instantly see all the changes made in the application.

What's fixed:

  • Fixed the issue where some details were not shown when going from the task detail to the customer detail.
  • Fixed issue where group selection menu was not displayed properly when group names are long.
  • Fixed the issue where the portal user's name was not displayed in the task activities.

The new version of Cubicl mobile application is being prepared. The new version comes with better performance and a more beautiful design. Most of the pages in the web application will be added to the mobile application, and you will be able to do almost all of the actions in the web application from the mobile application.


Clicking Emails Opens Email Application

Improvement 2 months ago

You can switch from Cubicl to e-mail application with one click.

To do this, go to the Clients page and find the client that you want to send e-mail. Clicking on your client's e-mail address will open the e-mail application.

Live Update Feature in Client Portal

New 3 months ago

Your clients can now see changes live.

Live update feature has been added to Client Portal application. With this feature, all the changes you make while your clients are online in the portal application are updated live on the relevant pages of the portal application. Thus, when a client's support request is answered, when a post is created in the task, when a task or a file is shared with the client, the relevant pages are updated instantly and your clients are informed about these changes.

Share Files with Your Clients

New 4 months ago

You can now share the files and directories you added to the client page on Client Portal.

Go to the Clients page and click the client you want to share files with. Click the Files tab that appears on the client page.You can share the files and directories that you previously uploaded by pressing the "Share with client" button as shown below. Your client will receive a notification email regarding file sharing. Your clients can access the files by visiting the portal.

When you share, a symbol is shown next to the file indicating that it was shared. The cloud icon is displayed next to the files your clients uploaded from the portal and shared with you.

Your clients can also create directories and share files with you via the Client Portal. Your client can upload files in the Files page. You will be notified when your clients upload files. (Only Cubicl account managers receive notifications.)