🔔The search result box has been added to Cubicl.

So, you can find the words you specifically searched for in the chatbox within seconds. This feature, which allows you to easily find the content you are looking for, also enables you to access other related messages from a single screen.

Workflow Update

Improvement 3 months ago

🔔Workflow tasks in Cubicl will now be added as subtasks under a task.

This will make it easier to find related tasks and distinguish them on pages like Tasks, Reports, and Home.

Before the update, when you selected a workflow while creating a task, the task you created was the first task of the workflow. With this update, workflow tasks will be added as subtasks to tasks you create.

☑️With the update, the previously created workflows will also be updated by Cubicl. Existing tasks will become sub-tasks of a task after the update. You can find detailed information about the workflow here.

Weekly & Monthly Workload Graph

Improvement 4 months ago

🔔You can now view the workload graph on a weekly and monthly basis, which you could only view on a daily basis before.

You can access the workload graph from the statistics button in the upper right corner of the reports page of the relevant group, and you can view the daily, weekly and monthly workloads of the team members along with the number of tasks.

You can also download these charts in Excel format from the same page.

Invitation Link for Clients

Improvement 7 months ago

🔔In Cubicl, you can now invite all of your clients to the portal with a special invitation link.

In this way, it will be possible to invite users without entering their e-mail addresses one by one, and all users of the same client will be collected in a single client card to prevent the creation of separate client records for each registered user.

You can use the "Invite by Link" section added to the Portal Account Settings window. You can open the setting window on the Customer Portal page, as well as on the customer detail page.

You can switch from Cubicl to e-mail application with one click.

To do this, go to the Clients page and find the client that you want to send e-mail. Clicking on your client's e-mail address will open the e-mail application.

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