Clicking Emails Opens Email Application

Improvement 4 months ago

You can switch from Cubicl to e-mail application with one click.

To do this, go to the Clients page and find the client that you want to send e-mail. Clicking on your client's e-mail address will open the e-mail application.

Client Portal Feature

Improvement 8 months ago

We are adding a new feature called Client Portal to Cubicl. This feature allows you to offer a web portal for your clients to manage projects and tasks easily with your clients. Client Portal will allow these:

  • Collect support requests from your clients for questions, requests, issues and complaints
  • Share tasks and projects and collaborate with your clients
  • Share files with clients and get files from clients

Client Portal web app can be customized for your organization. You can set your organization name and logo in the Client Portal page in Cubicl. Your clients can create accounts on your portal application.

With this update, you will be able to manage support requests in the client portal. Task and file sharing features will be added in the next updates to Cubicl.

Search Groups in the Navigation Menu

Improvement 8 months ago

You can search the groups with the search button in the navigation menu.

Warning for Unsaved Changes and Improvement on Adding a Subtask

Improvement 10 months ago

If you have unsaved changes, you will see a warning when you try to move to another page.

While you are adding an existing task as a subtask, the group of the tasks will appear under the name of the task.

Create Clients in Task Form, Preview PDF Files

Improvement 11 months ago

Create Clients in Task Form

You can create a new client in the task form. This will allow you to create tasks with clients without navigating to Clients page.

Preview PDF Files

You can preview PDF files in Files and Task Details pages and in chat windows without downloading them.

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