Start date and deadline inputs of the task form can be filled automatically when you set your company's working hours when creating tasks. Go to Settings page of the group, then click on the Details tab. Set the working hours, and check the box below.

What’s new in Cubicl?

Improvement 2 years ago

Cubicl is here with its newest features!

Changing Subtask Order

You can change the order of your subtasks by clicking and dragging in task details page. 

Gantt Chart Task State Filter   

You can filter your tasks by their states through the menu added to the Gantt Chart. 

Subtask Dates in Copied Tasks     


When your tasks are copied, the date of your subtasks are determined in line with your main task. The number of postponed days for main task is also valid for subtasks. For example, if you postponed the main task two days in your new copy, the subtasks which have due dates are also postponed two days. 

Gantt Chart Updated!

Improvement 2 years ago

Gantt Chart is updated for your needs. Check details!


Subtasks are placed under the main task automatically when you create a subtask. You can order and connect subtasks to other tasks as you can do with other tasks in the Gantt Chart.

View Options 

View Options button is added to the Gantt Chart. When you click on it, you can select the details you want to see on the Gantt Chart. 

Completion dates are now seen with a yellow sign on the chart. If you click "Completion Dates" option, this sign will be visible. 

You can see the first start and end dates of the tasks before they are changed. If you click "Date Changes" option, first start and end dates are shown as a gray bar in the same row with the updated task.

Live Sync

Live sync is in Gantt Chart. Changes made by another user will be visible on your screen immediately so that you can work together to edit the Gantt Chart.

Filter Tasks Now !

New 2 years ago

Cubicl continues its updates without slowing down. Would you like to check recent updates in Cubicl?

Filtering Tasks

New task filtering feature allows you to filter tasks by assignee, owner, time of creation / completion / deadline. You can hide subtasks. You can filter support requests. Applied filters are shown next to the filter button. When you hover over the filters applied, you will see the filter name. Additionally, filters are remembered between page navigations.

File Details

You can see the upload date and size of your files in the task details and the Files page of the group.

New Version of Our UI is Ready!

Improvement 2 years ago

The user experience and the speed of our application is improved with visual and practical enhancements. We intended to make our application more functional and practical for you. We also improved user experience of our website on mobile devices. You can survey the details of the updates, and send us your feedbacks and suggestions.

Viewing the Tasks Your Team Working On

You can view the tasks your team members are currently working on. Just select the "By Members" option in the Reports section on your Home Page. You can see the details of the task and the work time by hovering over the table.

Home and Gantt Schedule Improvements

When you click on the tasks that appear on your Home Page and Gantt Chart, you can access the details of a task in a modal window so that you don't have to leave the current page. However, you can still see the task details in a new tab by right-clicking.

Creating a Task from the Navigation Menu

You can open the task form by clicking the + icon next to the related group name in the Navigation Menu without navigating to Tasks page.

Chat Box Improvements

The chat box has been expanded to make communication with your team members more comfortable.

Organization Page

In case your users forget which e-mail addresses they have registered with Cubicl, you can easily reach the email list by clicking the Show Email Addresses link on the Organization page.

Other Improvements

- Now you can see the tasks you follow in your Home Page even if you are not an assignee. Just click the Follow button on the task details.

- You can switch between uploaded image previews by clicking on the left and right buttons on the screen or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

- You can set Group Permissions for all group pages in the New Group form.

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