Storage Space Doubled

New 7 months ago

🔔We've doubled the storage per user in Cubicl 🎉.

You don't need to pay any additional fees or take any action to use your new storage.

Invitation Link for Clients

Improvement 7 months ago

🔔In Cubicl, you can now invite all of your clients to the portal with a special invitation link.

In this way, it will be possible to invite users without entering their e-mail addresses one by one, and all users of the same client will be collected in a single client card to prevent the creation of separate client records for each registered user.

You can use the "Invite by Link" section added to the Portal Account Settings window. You can open the setting window on the Customer Portal page, as well as on the customer detail page.

🔔In Cubicl, the Statistics tab has now been added to the report you download from the 'Reports' page in the group.

In this way, you will be able to view the statistics of "Current Task Status", "Statistics by Time Period" and "Task Activities by Members" in the statistics tab in the report you downloaded.

Your Personal Tasks have been turned into notes when the Personal Tasks page is updated to My Notes. You can move your tasks that have turned into notes into a group, with all the details before they turn into notes. The group you will move can be an existing one or a new one that you have created. This process can only be done by users whose previous personal tasks were on the notes page. These users can see the action button at the top of the My Notes page.

Cubicl web application interface and mobile application have been updated. Cubicl iOS app has been made compatible with iOS 14. Do not forget to update the applications.


What's new in Mobile Application

Our mobile application has been updated with its new design.

  • With the new version of the Cubicl Mobile App, once you sign in, you won't have to sign in again.
  • Kanban view added to Groups >> Tasks page.
  • Notifications have been improved.

What's New in Web Application

  • Personal Tasks page has been updated to My Notes page. Now your personal notes are completely yours. On the My Notes page, you can quickly make your weekly plans and add your personal notes. Nobody else can see your notes here. You can use groups to track work with your team.

  • The Timeline Chartt has been made more practical to see your team's workload. You can see the entire workload of your team on the basis of day and week.

  • We are removing the Newsfeed page on Cubicl. Announcement fixing feature has been added instead. You will now be able to pin the message you see important in the chat window so that all members of the message group will be able to see the pinned message.

  • The By Members page under the Tasks tab on the group page has been changed to Kanban view so that you can see and organize the work of the team members more easily. You can drag and drop a member's task to assign it to another member.

  • Updates have also been made on the Files page. Now the recently uploaded files are shown and information about the file types in the group is given. Now you can search for files not only in the folder you are in but also in all folders of the group.

  • File upload feature has been improved. File upload progress is now shown in a box in the corner of the screen. You can do other operations and correspond while the file is being uploaded.

  • The date picker has been redesigned. While entering the date, you can choose the date more easily, enter the time from the keyboard, select today's date with the "Today" button.

  • For support requests and tasks shared with the customer, whether or not comments are visible to your client is now displayed with a white or green background color of the comment. In this way, you can see more comments in the same screen area.

  • Users who do not have a profile photo are given random profile photos. In this way, you will be able to distinguish users who do not have a profile photo more easily. If you want to change your profile photo, you can upload a profile photo from the Profile page.
  • Tasks page Kanban columns can now be scrolled individually. In this way, you can change the task status by dragging the tasks at the end of a long column to short columns.

  • The notes tab in the right menu has been placed below the messages for your easier access and for it to be always in front of your eyes. You can enlarge and shrink the list by clicking the small arrow in the title.
  • Message boxes are reduced to profile photos when clicking the box header to take up less space on the screen.
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