Add Files To Task Activities

You can add files to task activities.

Add Files To Support Requests

Clients now can add files to support requests when replying or you can add files to tasks when replying to clients.

Mobile Application is Updated


- Can attach files to task posts


- Touchable areas for chat and notification icons are enlarged

- Google Drive files attached to tasks can be opened

- Task start date is shown in task details


- Exiting from Android app by pressing back button crashes the app

- "Mentioned in task" notifications does not navigate to task page

- Special characters (<, >, &) are not shown correctly in notification texts

- Replies to support requests cannot be made visible to clients

- Information texts in Personal Tasks page are not shown

- Sending chat message on Android 5 crashes the app

A new option is added to sort tasks by their deadline. Now, you can sort tasks by their priorities or deadlines. Same menu also allows you to switch between Kanban and List views.

You can receive task creation, completion and file upload notifications for the tasks in the groups you are an admin even if you are not an assignee or a follower. To enable this feature, navigate to Email Settings tab in the Profile page. Enable "Send Important Notifications from Groups I Manage" option and save the settings by clicking Save settings button.

Client Portal Feature

Improvement 1 year ago

We are adding a new feature called Client Portal to Cubicl. This feature allows you to offer a web portal for your clients to manage projects and tasks easily with your clients. Client Portal will allow these:

  • Collect support requests from your clients for questions, requests, issues and complaints
  • Share tasks and projects and collaborate with your clients
  • Share files with clients and get files from clients

Client Portal web app can be customized for your organization. You can set your organization name and logo in the Client Portal page in Cubicl. Your clients can create accounts on your portal application.

With this update, you will be able to manage support requests in the client portal. Task and file sharing features will be added in the next updates to Cubicl.

Feature for changing group hierarchy has been improved. Simply drag and drop to change hierarchy.

If you want to make a group subgroup of another group which has no subgroups yet, drop the group on top of the other group.

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