You can export your clients saved in Cubicl as an Excel file. You can backup your clients as an Excel file or transfer your clients to other platforms.

To export your clients, go to the "Clients" page on the left menu. And use "Download" button in order to export your Clients as Excel file.

You will see 2 sheets for client details and contacts added to these clients.

Mentioning Users

You can use the mention feature when writing comments on tasks. The person you tagged in the comment will get the notification even if he/she is not an assignee. Type @, then continue by typing the person's name. Select the person from suggestions.

List View in Calendar

You will be able to see the tasks in both your personal and group calendar as a list. The list shows the tasks in current week.

Displaying Client's Name on Home Page

In addition to the task's name, assignee, the group of the task and the task dates, you can see the client you tagged in the task in the Home Page.

Other Features

You can click the delete button added to input boxes to delete what you type at once.

When you type in the task search box, it turns yellow. It is made more clear that only filtered tasks are shown in the tasks page, not all tasks.

In the reports section on the Home Page, you can scroll to see all tasks in the task list.

You can add users who are not assignee on the task but are asked to follow the process of the task as a follower. To do this, you can add followers in the detail menu on the right side of the main page of the task.

You can import your clients from a spreadsheet file to Cubicl. Open the "Clients" page click "Import Clients" option. Supported file extensions are xls, xlsx, csv and ods.

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