Live Sync

With this update, you can see changes made by other users in Cubicl at your screen simultaneously. You do not need to refresh the page to view changes made by other users.

Hide Subtasks at Gantt Chart

You can hide subtasks in Gantt Chart by clicking the button near to the name of the task.

Cubicl and Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is integrated to Cubicl Task Management Application. You can reach it under Integrations page on navigation menu. 

Files in Google Drive can be added to Cubicl tasks. To do this, when you are click on Upload File button in task page, you can select the From Google Drive option.

Increased Storage Space

Storage space per user increases for Starter, Professional and Enterprise plans.

Cubicl and Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar is integrated to Cubicl. To integrate your Google Calendar account with Cubicl, navigate to Integrations page on Navigation Menu. You can import your Google Calendar activities into Cubicl.

Also, you can export your tasks in Cubicl to your Google Calendar account. For this, use action menu on the tasks.

Add Assignees to Steps!

Similar to how you do on sub-tasks, now you can add assignees to task steps.

Change Groups of Tasks!

Drag and drop task card in Kanban view to change the group of task.

Slack is integrated to Cubicl Task Management Application. Notifications about creating, editing, deleting tasks and support requests in the group are sent to your Slack channel. After clicking related group page, go to Settings > Details page to enable Slack integration.

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