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  • Adding Assignee Feature Improved ?

    You will now be able to use your keyboard while selecting an assignee. When the assignee selection box is opened, you can hover over the person you will add with the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard. When you press the enter key, the person is added as an assignee. Even if you do not hover over a user name,  as pressing enter key, you can add the first person in the list as an assignee.

    Adding Assignee

  • Exchange Server Integration ?

    By connecting your company e-mail accounts on Exchange Server to Cubicl, you can add the events in Exhange Server calendar as a task to Cubicl and add the tasks in Cubicl to Exchange Server calendar. Click Others> Email Boxes > Add E-mail Account respectively for connecting e-mails to Cubicl.

    Exchange Server

  • New Improvement

    Turn Your Meeting E-mails to Tasks?

    Turn Meeting E-mails to Tasks

    You can create tasks in Cubicl from meeting invitations or calendar events sent to you by connecting your personal or work email accounts at Profile page > Email Boxes tab. Cubicl shows you a notification when you receive an email with a meeting invitation or calendar attachment. From this notification, you can create a task with one click on Cubicl. Emails with a meeting invitation/calendar event and emails with a meeting link for Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are defined as meeting/event emails. For other e-mails, no action is taken.


    In addition, several fixes and improvements have been made on The Other > Email Box feature:

    • The Email Boxes has been made more stable. Bugs related to e-mail headers and e-mail text are fixed.
    • Sent marketing e-mails and automated system e-mails are filtered and no tasks are created for them.
    • We started to support some old email providers. Those who were not able to connect their email account to their email box before can now add them.
    • While you connect your Google and Yandex mail boxes to Cubicl, a brief info is displayed to guide you.
    • With transition between forms and error messages, connecting e-mail boxes to Cubicl became easier.

    How to Use Email Boxes?

    • On the Other > E-Mail Boxes page, you can create tasks in Cubicl from the e-mails sent to the company's support, info, sales, career e-mail boxes and you can reply to those from Cubicl.
    • On the Profile> Email Boxes tab, you can create tasks in Cubicl for meeting/ event e-mails sent to your company or personal e-mail account.

    You can find much more detailed information about Email Boxes in the User Manual.

    The e-mail box feature is a feature on the Enterprise Plan, it is open to all user for a limited time to try.

  • Public Support Form Feature! ?

    Even if your clients are portal users, they no longer need to log in to the client portal to create a support request. They can contact you by creating a support form. A form like the one below opens for portal users to submit their support requests. They can contact you after filling the form. You can review the user manual for more detailed information about the feature.

  • New Features In Cubicl Mobile App ?

    We've added a few new features to Cubicl mobile app that will make it easier for you to use.

    1. You can tag your teammates using "@" in task activities. Tagged people will be notified.Tagging
    2. In task activities, you can copy text in the activity when you hold the activity log for a few seconds.Copying the Activity Log

    Visit Google Play or App Store to update your app.