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  • New Improvement

    Turn Your Meeting E-mails to Tasks?

    Turn Meeting E-mails to Tasks

    You can create tasks in Cubicl from meeting invitations or calendar events sent to you by connecting your personal or work email accounts at Profile page > Email Boxes tab. Cubicl shows you a notification when you receive an email with a meeting invitation or calendar attachment. From this notification, you can create a task with one click on Cubicl. Emails with a meeting invitation/calendar event and emails with a meeting link for Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are defined as meeting/event emails. For other e-mails, no action is taken.


    In addition, several fixes and improvements have been made on The Other > Email Box feature:

    • The Email Boxes has been made more stable. Bugs related to e-mail headers and e-mail text are fixed.
    • Sent marketing e-mails and automated system e-mails are filtered and no tasks are created for them.
    • We started to support some old email providers. Those who were not able to connect their email account to their email box before can now add them.
    • While you connect your Google and Yandex mail boxes to Cubicl, a brief info is displayed to guide you.
    • With transition between forms and error messages, connecting e-mail boxes to Cubicl became easier.

    How to Use Email Boxes?

    • On the Other > E-Mail Boxes page, you can create tasks in Cubicl from the e-mails sent to the company's support, info, sales, career e-mail boxes and you can reply to those from Cubicl.
    • On the Profile> Email Boxes tab, you can create tasks in Cubicl for meeting/ event e-mails sent to your company or personal e-mail account.

    You can find much more detailed information about Email Boxes in the User Manual.

    The e-mail box feature is a feature on the Enterprise Plan, it is open to all user for a limited time to try.